Quinta Vida Boa

Our Quinta Vida Boa (Quinta = Farm, Vida Boa = Good Life) is a typical Portuguese estate in the south west of the Algarve, Portugal. It is 1.5 km from the pretty fishing village of Burgau, with many restaurants, cafes and shops.

The Quinta offers nature lovers, families, horse people, surfers and course participants recreation on 5 hectares with many almond, olive, and palm trees, oleanders, wildflowers, horses and other animals. Cabanas Velhas beach, with its chilled out beach restaurant, is 700 metres away and inviting you to go swimming in summer and surfing in winter.

The house is divided into 2 large, well-equipped apartments. It can be rented completely or by each apartment separately. For courses and seminars this accommodation is available to participants.


Quinta Vida Boa
8650-041 Burgau


Algarve is the beautiful region that stretches along Portugal’s southern coastline and offers fantastic beaches, historic towns and interesting activities.

The Algarve offers a year-round mild climate. The region is one of the sunniest areas in Europe. From May to October, the numerous beaches invite you to swim, sunbathe and relax. The rest of the year is ideal for horse riding, learning, hiking, surfing and enjoying nature.
More climate information and current weather can be found at http://www.holiday-weather.com/algarve/

The surroundings of the Quinta are easy to explore by bike and on foot. Numerous hiking and biking trails offer some breathtaking views of the coast and the sea.
A rental car is recommended to explore the wider area, but we are also accessible by bus and on foot or by bike.

Many excursion options in the Algarve complete the possibilities. Under Activities you can see some of the many options for your holiday according to your taste.


Family Sacchi

The Sacchi family, that’s us: Claudio, Anna, Joshua and Nicolas (“Nicki”) and our 4-legged family members.

Claudio is a veterinarian – actually for small animals, but sometimes he also has to treat Anna’s horses. He is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Claudio can also ride, but would rather indulge his passion and ride a wave on his surfboard.

Anna is a coach & horse trainer, originally from Hamburg, and a passionate horse and animal lover. Certified as an EquusCoach by Koelle Simpson, as a Coach for the Work by Byron Katie and by “Horse Whisperer” Monty Roberts in the non-violent horse training method “Join-Up®”.

Claudio and Anna met in Australia, where they both lived for a year – at the Germany-Brazil soccer World Cup final.

They have two sons: Joshua, 11 years and Nicolas, 9 years. In addition to the horses, dogs, cats and chickens are part of the family.

Our animals – 6 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats

Gigi: Quarter horse / paint mix with some Clydesdale, 15 years. She was Anna’s first “Project Horse” in the Introductory Course, and she likes to call her “her elementary school.” Today she is a beautiful strong mare, very sensitive, great to ride and actively involved in ground work and coaching.

Bunny: Arab, 17 years. This graceful beauty was one of the most difficult horses Anna had to experience at Monty Roberts’ Farm, and she calls her “her university” because she has learned so much from her. Today Bunny is a gentle, balanced mare. It is fun to ride her and to be with her.

Dolly: Belgian draft horse cross, 15 years. She is herd boss and aware of her power. Dolly has a heart of gold and is super comfortable for riding therefore often “on duty” as a teacher for novice riders.

Sharif: Arab, 13 years, and Bunny’s best friend.  Originally coming only for a course, as he was extremely difficult and was considered unrideable. Then Bunny and Anna fell in love with him and he stayed. In the meantime, he has become rideable and is a fine teacher on the ground and in coaching.

Santiago: Lusitano cruzado, 11 years old, and inseparable from Gigi.  Only with us since April 2017 and already irreplaceable. A kind, sensitive guy. He is a very comfy ride and teaches people the subtleties of body language in groundwork and coaching.

Zulu: Pony, 11 years, and funny enough the best friend of Dolly, the biggest one. When he came to us, he was aggressive. It’s different now, but he’s still very naughty. A real pony.

Linda: Born in 2015. We saved her from the chain where she lay for 24 hours a day and cried a lot. She is a very special dog, nice, cooperative and very playful.

Pepino: Born in June 2017. Claudio rescued him, his mum and 6 siblings from the street. They all have homes now; Pepino stayed with us and is enchanting everyone.

Paula: Born in 2012. She was supposed to be euthanised as a puppy but found a home with us. In the meantime, she has become big and beautiful and likes to play freely with the children and the other dogs.

Struppi: A rescue dog who we got from a shelter. Born around 2014. Little, crazy guy who always craves attention, and is very, very affectionate. He is a real beach boy, loves sand and sea.

Schwarzi: the dominant but domestic cat. He likes to hang out on the sofa at home, often makes trips at night to announce that he is back at 6 in the morning.

Nemo: This beautiful cat is very adventurous and often disappears for days, then to emerge hungry and cuddly again.


specialized publication

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