Find answers in yourself

Equuscoaching – The horse as a mirror

Coaching helps people to find their own answers in themselves. A coach is a “catalyst” to start processes. He does not give finished instructions and answers, but helps to find those answers yourself – because they are already in each one. Only these are often overlaid by concepts and beliefs. My main intention in coaching is to help people regain access to their “core” – to what really matters to them (for this there are many different terms such as “true or authentic self”, “soul”, “essence”).

I am often supported by horses in my work. Horses see through our “masks” to our true selves and act like living mirrors: they give us honest and immediate feedback – without judging or condemning.

Complementary coaching methodology is “The Work” by Byron Katie and CQM.

Also coaching without a horse with these methods is possible – also via Skype or telephone.

Price, Date: on request
Location: Quinta Vida Boa, and/or via Skype/Phone