Join-Up / Natural Horsemanship Kurs

25.-29. October 2021, Quinta Vida Boa, Burgau

In this intensive 5-day course you will learn how to handle horses carefully and consciously. It is based on Monty Roberts’ nonviolent join-up methods.

This course is a prerequisite for training as a horse-assisted coach, but it can also be attended out of pure interest.

Contents of the course:

  • Natural horsemanship & horse knowledge: horse psychology, horse behavior, social behavior, instincts, herd rituals
  • Safety aspects when working with horses
  • Read and understand horses: Learn the language of horses / non-verbal communication
  • Body language exercises: Learn to use your own body to communicate with horses in their language
  • Join-up
  • Dually training halter
  • Long lining
  • Exercises Natural Horsemanship Groundwork

Price:  € 550,-

Dates: 25.-29. October 2021

Ort: Quinta Vida Boa, Algarve, Portugal

      More information about riding can be found here.