Horse assisted Seminar in Portugal

Training & certification to become a horse-assisted coach

From June 2020, Quinta Vida Boa, Algarve, Portugal

Horse-assisted coaching harnesses the power of horses to reflect people and initiate change.

Do you want to learn this healing work with horses? Working with horses to help people in their process? Develop yourself and live your potential?

Then this training is for you.

In the training you will learn to work with respect and trust with horses and people in the context of horse-assisted coaching. You learn and experience which practical exercises are applicable in which context.

Contents of the training:

  • Horsemanship & Know-how: Horse psychology, horse ethology, social behavior, instincts, herd rituals
  • Horse language, non-verbal communication
  • Reading and understanding horses
  • Safety aspects in working with horses and coachees
  • Mindful and conscious handling of horses and coachees
  • Coaching: Theory and transfer
  • Coaching with The Work of Byron Katie

Prices 2020:

Per training week: € 1.100,-

Teleclasses, exam & certificate: € 950,-

Total: € 3.150,-

2020 Dates

First coach training week: 22.-26. June
Second coach training week: 16.-20. November

Horsemanship courses:

Monty Roberts Introductory course: 20.-30. April

Conscious Horsemanship course: 15.-19. June

Coaching seminars:

Seminar “Journey to your true self”: 8.-12. June