Alfonso Aguilar

Ground work & riding course. Alfonso Aguilar‘s Natural Concepts

23.-24. November 2019, Quinta Vida Boa, Algarve, Portugal

Dieser Kurs findet auf Englisch statt, daher auch die Beschreibung auf Englisch:

Alfonso Aguilar is a well-known horseman and certainly a pioneer in applying the basics of ethology (the study of animal behavior) in horsemanship.

He frequently takes part in most famous horse-fairs as the Equitana in Essen, the Bea in Bern, the International Horse fair in Leon, the Americana in Augsburg and the Hansepferd in Hamburg.

In this 2-day course Alfonso will teach groundwork and riding. Topics covered are:

– Exercises on the rope and halter
– Obstacle course
– Basics of Liberty Work
– Riding

This course covers ethology based horsemanship for the beginner as well as for the advanced student. The techniques taught are applicable to any type of riding style (western, english, dressage, trail riding etc.).

You can bring your own horse and rent one from us.

Course fee: € 270,00 active participant, €35/day observer

Accommodation and food is available at the Quinta Vida Boa. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Date: 23rd/24th of November 2019

Ort: Quinta Vida Boa, Algarve, Portugal