Monty Roberts Introductory Kurs

12.-23. April 2021, Quinta Vida Boa, Algarve, Portugal

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The Introductory Course provides a strong foundation in Monty’s Join-Up methods and general horsemanship and the first step to become a professional in the equine industry using his revolutionary, gentle training and communication principles.

The course has a three-section design:

• The first section, consisting of two weeks of learning, is completed in Portugal
• The second section consists of distance learning modules and field study in which the student returns to their area of origin to complete videotapes and coursework each month. The time frame of the field study is variable depending on student commitments, however we recommend several months of practice.
• The third and final section consists of a practical and theoretical exam in Portugal

Students from various equine backgrounds are welcome to take part, as there are no prerequisites. To those of you with little or no horse knowledge, we recommend prior participation in the Basic Horsemanship course.

The Introductory Course is designed to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge in general horsemanship in the basics of horse performance, breeding, feeding and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on horse psychology. As the foundation of Monty’s work and a prerequisite for the Advanced Course, you will learn the method of Join-Up® as it relates to various environments. You will have the opportunity to build your skills in Dually™ halter work, long lining, herding exercises and loading.

Graduates of the Introductory Course receive certificates signed by Monty Roberts and are offered the opportunity to continue their education by completing the Advanced Course and, upon personal selection by Monty, the Instructors’ Internship. Only Certified Instructors are able to teach, demonstrate and advertise their services for monetary gain.


Practical Course: €950 
Field study / Long-distance study: €550 
Exam: €350 

Total €1.850 


€30pp/shared room

€50/single room

Date: April 12-23, 2021

Ort: Quinta Vida Boa, Portugal

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